an island of hope in the sea of sameness

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“What happens when a popstar’s cell phone falls into the hands of two girls?”

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Jordan Cahill is the popstar in Disney Channel’s Original Movie, “Stuck in the Suburbs.” Which is now streaming on Disney+. This movie was released in July of 2004, starring Danielle Panabaker as Britanny Aarons and Brenda Song as Natasha Kwon-Schwartz. Jordan’s cellphone falls into the hands of Brittany and Natasha. And his whole popstar life starts changing. But, not only did Jordan’s life start changing, Brittany’s life does, too.

Brittany wrote the lyric, “an island of hope in a sea of sameness.” Which is true for what Brittany’s life looked like. She was a carbon copy of all the other girls around her. That is until Natasha moved into town and transferred to Brittany’s High School. Natasha was this character who was so different from everyone else and expressed herself even in the clothes that she wore, that’s how you could tell at frist glance that she was so different.

Natasha had travelled the world, from Paris to Madrid to New York City. She had caught Brittany’s eyes because she was so different and lived a life that Brittany wanted her whole life – travelling and wearing one-of-a-kind clothes. It was Natasha’s difference that allowed Brittany to break out of her “sameness” shell and create someone new for herself. Brittany was stuck feeling like she was everyone else and Natasha had showed Brittany, that she, too could be different.

Jordan, on the other hand, was also living a life that he sorta-kinda didn’t want. It was a life of fame that was about his image, rather than his music. You see, Jordan’s music is what brought him to fame, but under his Record Label guy, Len, Jordan wasn’t able to create the music that HE wanted, HIS own PERSONAL music. It wasn’t until his best friend Eddie had accidentally lost Jordan’s phone bumping into Brittany that allowed the girls to change his life.

Jordan, on the bigger scale, was the same cookie-cutter popstar that he did not want to be. And Brittany on a smaller, suburban scale was a cookie-cutter high school girl. I mean literally in the very first minutes of the movie Brittany’s friend’s mom had trouble finding her house because, Brittany’s house was the same “cookie-cutter” suburbian house as every other house in the neighbor hood. Natasha was a girl who stepped out of her comfort zone and was the inspiration for Brittany to do just that, express herself.

I believe that the lesson, or the take-away, from this movie is the debate of “which should we value more: the differnces or the similarities between people?” And in Brittany’s lyric, “an island of hope in a sea of sameness,” we are proposed that question. I think that seeing BOTH the similarities and differences between people are most important. And in this movie it shows.

Although, in a very “Disney-esque” way did a big-time pop star meet a small-time girl from the suburbs. But, the message is clear: Jordan and Brittany were going through similar situations, although, they were from different worlds, they still became friends. They would update each other about their lives through phone call after Brittany’s soccer practice and the girls end up in one of Jordan’s friend’s new music video.

Via Youtube – More Than Me (Acoustic)

I never dreamed

That someone could see

That knew who I was

Knew all that I could be

Only your love can make me believe

I can be somethin more

So much more than me.

-Jordan Cahill, More Than Me (Jordan’s Lyrics)

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