So I played 365+ hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Bruh, that’s as if I played one (1) hour everyday for a year. In a span of three (3) months since March 20, when the game was released, up until June I had clocked in 365 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons…

That’s 18 hours per week from March 20 to the beginning of June. That’s almost part-time job hours, just playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Via YouTube – Animal Crossing: New Horizons E3 2019 Trailer

Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round.

Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are some things I learned about real life while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Talk to your loved ones

My island villagers all reminded me of people in my real life. And so, it was a good reminder to go ahead and call or text my friends and family. Especially since in March we started self-isolating ourselves and quarantining in our own homes from Ms. Covid-19.

And sending letters and gifts can be fun and exciting, too. I mean isn’t it a good feeling when one of your favorite villagers sends you a letter, even better when they attach a gift to a letter? I took initiative myself and started sending some care packages to my friends and in the future I hope to start sending cards for my friends’ birthdays, that is when I start making money again. Like in Animal Crossing (they cost 200 bells to send letters) sending letters and packages still have a cost with postage and weight if you’re sending IRL (in real life) gifts.

Interior design – Reorganize your space to fit you

Although, we may not have a Happy Home Academy IRL, we can still do some interior decorating ourselves to create a space for us to feel comfortable in.

My room was such a mess even before quarantine and Covid-19 hit the U.S. And so that gave me some time (after Animal Crossing of course, lol.) to tidy up my room. Of course, it is still quite a mess it definitely is a big improvement from four (4) months ago. Plus, I got to make the space how I wanted to, with my favorite art (painted by yours truly, of course). Redd ain’t got nothing on me. These are original Andrew Patrick Ines Paintings – Blathers would have a “hoot” and gladly accept such genuine artwork.

Do the things you love

Literally, do the things you love. Remember what your hobbies were or what activities that you did at home that were life-giving to you. For me that’s watching anime, reading manga or novels, playing video games and making music. And now creatively writing blogs like these.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are a ton of activities like catching bugs, fishing, interior AND exterior decorating (that I covered in the last section), crafting and etc. There was just so much to do and the possibilities were endless. And with the Summer Update adding the diving mechanics to the game, it made summer more… summer in quarantine. Now, with the added August update of Sunday Night Fireworks shows, it is starting to feel more like Summer.

“Magic is just science with your eyes closed, maaan.”

-Pascal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I leave you with my first Animal Crossing: New Horizons YouTube Video.

Via Youtube – The Start of Island Life

Animal Crossing is a reminder that time will pass, too. That everything will be okay, that as long as we come together as a community, we too can pass through hard times together. Although we cannot control time, we can control our actions in the present. This means self-care, keeping in touch with our family and friends, reaching out to people in need and maybe catching a fish or two along the way.

-Andrew Patrick Ines


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