Retreat by Andrew P. Ines

A 20-“ish” word poem

Via Instagram @andrew.inescuhen102

Retreat, renew the spirit.
Anxiety and a calm heart. Refuge.
Faith, hope and love. Awakening with
friends, fun and happy bonds.
Shelter, home, peace.
Family. Refreshed.

-Andrew Patrick Ines, September 23, 2016

This was a poem written in my English 102 Class. The assignment was to write down 20 words and turn them into a poem. The words depicted in the poem “Retreat” was in reference to the Awakening Retreat through Campus Ministry at Chaminade University of Honolulu.

All these 20 words in this poem is what I felt like when I attended my very first Awakening Retreat: AR34 – “Rooted in Love.” And it is also what I ALWAYS felt whenever I attended any retreats thereafter.

I felt at Home. with Family and with Friends creating Happy Bonds. and Refreshed.

Andrew ❤︎

Published by Andrew Patrick Ines

Self-Proclaimed Multi-Hobbyist and aspiring YouTuber. Instagram: @inesaproductions. My frequent hobbies are Video Games, Anime/Manga and Music.

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