The Netflix combo that we didn’t know we needed.

Twogether Netlfix Official Trailer via YouTube

Twogether is an eight (8) episode Netflix Original Series about two young adults, Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu Yi-Hao from South Korea and Taiwan, who travel across Asia in search of their fans.

I did not even know Seung-gi and Jasper before this, but what interested me in this Netflix Original Series was two buddies from two different countries traveling across Asia. The traveling was so nice to see, especially when you are stuck in quarantine during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. And for me seeing these young men in their 30’s traveling Asia is very wholesome and entertaining. It reminds of me of the times that I simply do Target runs with my closest friends. Especially if they are one on one trips.

Traveling with a group of friends is so much fun. But, sometimes a little intimate one on one with a friend or, even if it applies to you, a significant other is just as great, or simply a very close friend who also enjoys to travel outside of the house.

I want to emphasize on the fact about taking the time to create a space for you and one friend to do a one on one. It’s very relaxing just you and the other person having fun having conversation and just being you. That’s the kind of adventures that I enjoy.

Mr. Seung-gi and Jasper have so much fun together… excuse me… “Twogether” on this trip across Asia, even though they both know different languages and are from different Asian Cultures. Even Asians have different cultures and customs around the continent.

Anyways, both Seungi-gi and Jasper took the time to learn their respective languages, Korean and Mandarin Chinese so they could communicate with each other. They also knew English from their past experiences like in college in the U.S. or just learning English for fun, I guess.

But, with that, since they both know three languages, Korean, Mandarin Chinese AND English and being Trilingual, in that aspect, they were able to communicate with each other so well. And as an American English speaker viewer, I was amazed at how much English they knew. I guess I now understand how my Japanese speaking friends felt when I spoke Japanese with them and I knew so much Japanese.

It’s so interesting to see that Seung-gi and Jasper can understand each other in all three languages, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and English. It’s like even though they are from different worlds they can still understand each other.

And that’s on similarities between people, rather than looking at the differences in others.


Andrew 💕

Gonna Be All Right – Lee Seung-gi & Jasper Liu | Twogether OST

I will leave you with this song.

“No matter what you do, it’s gonna be alright.”

-Lee Seung-gi & Jasper Liu

Author’s Note – 30.Jul.2020:
Thank you everyone for making this post popular! I really enjoyed this show and it introduced me to Jasper Liu & Lee Seung-gi. I am now about to research their dramas and shows that they’ve done and binge them. hehe!

Love, Andrew 💕

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