The Hibiscus are blooming!

Via Nintendo Switch Capture

It is the time for the Hibiscus to be blooming on my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! I woke up at 5:00am this morning and opened my game and noticed the hydrangeas were out of season, which meant that the Hibiscus are now in season! and OH MY GOODNESS! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

I think of new flowers blooming as a new time to try something new or a chance to try something different. The Hydrangeas were “soo last season.” It’s now time for a new season of flowers, Hibiscus.

In my research below this is what I found about the Hibiscus flower through Google.

The hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower. This yellow flower is striking and beautiful. The vivid color signifies delicate beauty and joyfulness. … In the past, they were considered an endangered flower.


I guess for this season that the Hibiscus is in season in Animal Crossing I plan to look for the delicate beauty and joyfulness in everything. I also hope to bring this with me past the season of the Hibiscus and Look forward to the nearing Autumn season bushes.

I hope that you find the delicate beauty and joyfulness in your life this Hibiscus Season. ❤︎


Andrew 💕

Published by Andrew Patrick Ines

Self-Proclaimed Multi-Hobbyist and aspiring YouTuber. Instagram: @inesaproductions. My frequent hobbies are Video Games, Anime/Manga and Music.

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