Andrew takes to the Ice.

Well.. Yuri on Ice!

Funimation Dub Via Youtube

Above is the Funimation dub. and below I’ll add the Japanese PV.

avex pictures Japanese PV Via YouTube

Yuri!!! on Ice” is an anime that I hold very close and dear to my heart. It’s about a Japanese ice skater, named Yuri Katsuki who is trying to follow in the footsteps of a famous Russian ice skater, Viktor Nikiforov. Within the first couple of episodes, we are given the rundown of what is going on with Yuri (Mister Katsuki-san) who is in a slump and is having a difficult time in his figure skating competitions.

OH right! This is an anime about figure skating. And it eludes to some LGBTQIA+ themes, which I am just still curious about if it is canon or just fan-canon, but storytelling creators make stories to be told and taken however their fans want. And as a little asian gay boy, I believe that Yuri and Victor are partners (Not business partners). Well, they can be partners in the figure skating world, but I believe that they are meant to be together, both as coach and student AND as romantic lovers.

Heck, if Victor ever comes out of coaching and wants to skate WITH Yuri, I would not doubt that their doubles ice skating programs would crush it on the ice.

Anyways, I am obssessed with this show. One, because of the LGBT+ themes – almost closely shounen-ai (少年愛 ). “Shounen” meaning boy and “ai” meaning love, and two, because of the ice skating.

Above are some pictures of me on the ice at the Dayton Riverscape Ice Rink.

Left is me at the Dayton Riverscape Ice Rink. Riverscape Metropark takes their Huge pavillion and turns it into an outdoor ice skating rink for the winter season, from November up to March.

Middle is of my Ice Skating Coach at the Riverscape Ice Rink. She taught me for three Sunday Mornings how to Ice Skate. And we started from the basics, like skating forwards, skating backwards and front and backward swizzles! She was a great coach with a lot of winning credentials in the Ice Dance and Figure Skating world!

Right is one of my buddies and I having a fun afternoon ice skating. This afternoon was one of the most fun I had ice skating, especially when there were these two brothers who wanted my friend and I to play tag with them. However, my friend did not play with them, I decided to go along with their shenanigans as their “Adopted Bigger Brother.” I sensed that they knew I was a good skater which is why they had tagged me so randomly. lol.

All in all, I am an Oʻahu, island boi at heart, but I also LOVE being on the ice and just gliding. It almost feels like I am floating on water and flying. I guess I understand why ice skaters love to ice skate.

I guess I can see why Yuri loves ice skating and loves Victor, because in all honesty, I love Yuri and Victor, and I love the ice!

Catch you later,

Andrew ❤︎

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Self-Proclaimed Multi-Hobbyist and aspiring YouTuber. Instagram: @inesaproductions. My frequent hobbies are Video Games, Anime/Manga and Music.

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