Morning Garden Vibes

lo-fi + blooming summer flowers + sunny lens flares enjoy!

Music: DLJ – Summer Love ➤…

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This morning I wanted to test out my iPhone XR camera. I was told that these cameras were so good! I had already played with the settings to only take video in 720p, just because 1080p takes a TON of space on my phone, and I did not get the 256GB file size iPhone. I have a blue, I think it’s 64 GB iPhone XR.

Anyways, with the settings on 720p and just recording plants, editing on iMovie adding slow-mo here and there and no filters, add some lo-fi from DLJ (check it his awesome song Summer Love here) and you got this gem of a video.

I love editing videos like these. Nothing too crazy with the transitions and effects, just point & shoot, add some slow-mo and add some chill music on top to the vibe. And you get a minute vibe.

Mahal Kita (Love you),

Andrew ❤︎

Published by Andrew Patrick Ines

Self-Proclaimed Multi-Hobbyist and aspiring YouTuber. Instagram: @inesaproductions. My frequent hobbies are Video Games, Anime/Manga and Music.

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