Morning Prayer by Andrew Patrick J.B. Ines

Sunrise, Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Douglas Peebles

Good Morning Everyone!

I wrote this morning prayer on our first day on a retreat. the activity started just before the sun was rising. I remember that there were clouds in the horizon, so it kinda felt like the sun had “two” chances to rise for us, the first time behind the horizon and Diamond Head and above then clouds. We all individually wrote down a prayer however short or long we made it and then when we all were finished, we read all the prayers together in unison. But, we were saying OUR OWN prayer in communion with everyone else. So it sounded like an orchestra tuning their instruments before a symphony, it was beautiful. Different voices and different words meshing together to all form one giant discord of a Morning Prayer.

And sometimes the morning feels like that. Chaotic and beautiful.

Written on Awakening Staff Retreat

Morning Prayer
October 14, 2017
By Andrew Patrick J.B. Ines

Good Morning Sun,
The Earth says “Hello”
and we say “Good Bye, until tomorrow.” to the moon.
Thank you for your dim backlight at Night
to keep watch over us. To remind us that there is still
Light in the Dark.

Thank you Sun for rising, to remind us that it is a new day,
and that we’ve woken up from Yesterday.
Everything yesterday, was yesterday and today is for today.
That this is the chance for a fresh new start.



Andrew Patrick J.B. Ines ❤

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