So I took the BuzzFeed Quiz, “Which ‘Love, Victor’ Character Are You?”…

And I Got Mia!

Via BuzzFeed

FunFact: @masongooding who plays Andrew in @LoveVictorHulu also got Mia! 😂
Also, Love the Dragon Ball Z Long-Sleeve Mason! 💕

Via @andreeyoo Twitter
Via YouTube

Originally tweeted by mildly sweet🏝🇵🇭 (@andreeyoo) on July 18, 2020.

I took this quiz while watching the cast of “Love, Victor” take the same quiz. It was fun, like taking a Buzzfeed quiz with your group of friends, but it was the cast of “Love, Victor.” lol.

In all honesty, I think I have qualities of both Mia and Andrew, in the show “Love, Victor” on Hulu. I was instantly drawn to both characters even before knowing their names. Mia is that pretty, cool girl who is somewhat mysterious at times and you kinda wanna be like her. She’s also very creative and intelligent! Andrew is that natural born-leader who has a heart of gold. These were the qualities from both Mia and Andrew that I relate to a lot. And tbh (to be honest), I really believe that Mia and Andrew could end up together in the show. Ya got me! I ship Mia x Andrew! but obviously Victor x Benji, too. lol.

Mind you, I am on the last episode of the first season of “Love, Victor” so anything could really be happening at this point – it’s the endgame.

Well, that’s that. I really did wish I got Andrew, Victor or Benji, but I’d rather just be me. Mia! lol.

Thanks for reading this quick post! Follow my Twitter mildly sweet🏝🇵🇭 (@andreeyoo), and hope to see you again, soon!

Andrew ❤

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